‘You know that moment, when your in a Yoga class and it start with OM, and your thinking OMG I’v got to join in? Well Endo Warrior Queens is about taking a leap of faith and joining in with the OM of life to discover your inner warrior and leading an authentic ooozzzing with self love, happiness and most importantly pain free!’

My Story

I’ve had a long old journey with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis over the years (17 years). This journey has lead me to have 4 operations, 1 trip in an ambulance, 1 induced menopause, countless different hormone treatments and in the most recent years a hysterectomy looming over me. Although there’s no cure (well not yet ladies), a plant based diet, yoga and living from love is what saved me and made me able to live a life free from strong pain killers (I was on morpheme for a 18 months! a whole fricken 18 months!). Now I still have my bad days, no matter how many downward dogs I do, where only an epsom salt bath and my heat pad are all I can bring myself to do (praise the lord for PJs!).




‘We Are All Endo Warrior Queens

With The Power To Self Heal’

Endo Self Love Club is a membership designed to help you live a life from love and support you on your healing journey of Endometriosis and or Adenomyosis.

Warning, this might sound cheesy or cliche… But I genuinely love you and believe in you and I feel like its my purpose in life to support Endo Warrior Queens on their journeys of self love and healing and I am right here by your side sister. Endo Warrior Queens-Self Love Club is intended to help you turn your pain into power, your fatigue into focus and your Endo belly into ‘I love my belly.’

You don’t have to live in constant chronic pain, fatigued and with your digestion going bonkers.

You deserve to feel free, alive and in love with your beautiful body. To be able to wake up in the morning and feel awake. To get out of bed and stand tall. To get dressed and feel like your gorgeous self. To move your body with ease. To dance, to sing to love.

I believe in you and your ability to be your best version of yourself, as I have been there endo sister, I have had those dark days too. Those days where you think there is no help or answers left. But the answers lie inside yourself, you just need to tune in and listen and follow your healing intuition which lays inside us all.

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Level Price  
Endo Self Love Club (annual membership) £98.00 per Year. Select
Endo Self Love Club (6 month membership) £60.00 every 6 Months. Select


We have a range of awesome prints, vegan healing candles, endo essentials boxs, and so so so much more!

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ENDO EATS is a collection of reviews completed by Endo Warrior Queens founder Bridie Apple & Endo Self Love Club members. ENDO EATS has three categories of reviews which are: 1) cafes + restaurants 2) Resorts/Retreats 3) Food/Health Shops. Read more about Endo Eats here and how to get involved.